Welcome to the Caribbean American National Development Organization! We are located in the lovely and vibrant city of Tampa, Florida. Our vision is to be the physical hub for bustling Caribbean business, social and cultural activity in the West Florida Region.

On November 1st , 2013 we signed a lease agreement with the University Community Development Corporation and Hillsborough County to become the anchor tenant at the Mort Park & Recreation facility.   With the signing of this agreement it means that CANDO have successfully completed the first primary object of the organization, which is to establish a community center facility to provide economic and social support for the Tampa Bay Caribbean community in achieving self-sustainability.

We want to say a big Thank You to all who have supported us in helping us accomplish this major milestone for the organization and our community.  We could not have done this without your assistance.  We have already seen significant interest, ideas and requests for programs and services, and use for the facility coming in.

In the coming months we will begin putting programs in place and offering services that will help enhance the lives of the surrounding community.